Seiko’s innovation in technology and design has been identified with many awards.The watch world loves to attach a snapshot of history to the kick off of new models, as Seiko in Japan has demonstrated with the re-issue of the watch inspired by the Seiko Chariot preferred by Apple founder Charlie Jobs. With a long history of global “firsts” in watch design, really no surprise SEIKO is revered as a standards-setter among enthusiasts at all levels. Within the a comprehensive portfolio of styles featured at Regarding Watches, you’ll find one or more timepieces that you simply must own for looks, for features and then for quality quartz or programmed movements from Seiko 5, Seiko Divers,Seiko solar,Seiko kinetic,Seiko prospex,Seiko chronograph ,seiko pepsi & Seiko orange monster watches. According to the Seiko Watch Singapore community, The highly sought after models are Seiko SKX007j, Seiko SNK809, Seiko5 SNK809.