Casio G-Shock G1400A G-1400A-1ADR


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Casio G-Shock G1400A G-1400A-1ADR G-1400A-1A


G-SHOCK Equipped with TRIPLE G RESIST Gravity Defier flight watch new debut! To protect the watch from the external destructive damage: the impact of falling, strong vibration, and high-speed rotation of the G force (centrifugal force). Hollow case structure can absorb the impact force, to protect the internal module, bezel unique shape to provide 360 ​​° powerful protection. Α-gel® is coated on the periphery of the watch movement and absorbs the shock caused by vibration. The shape of the pointer is molded with the weight balance requirements and is tested by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO2669) aircraft. Equipped with TRIPLE G RESIST structure, combined with solar power to create an absolutely powerful flight table.


Introduction to detailed specifications
. Impact resistant construction
. Waterproof 200 meters
. Solar power
. Rubber strap
. Automatic LED lighting
. World time
29 time zones (29 cities correspond to global time), daylight saving time (on / off), local city / world time city switch
. (In: 1: 100 seconds)
Measuring upper limit: 23’59’.99 “Measurement
mode: elapsed time, halfway time
. Daily alarm
. Low battery warning
. Power saving function (after dark for some time, the pointer stops operation to save power)
automatic calendar. (2099)
time mode:
pointer: three-pin (hour, minute (a mobile frame every 10 seconds), seconds)
three times: 24-hour, world time points, Weekly
display window
. Accuracy: ± 15 seconds per month (no radio waves received.)
Battery life estimate:
in the case of solar cells are not power, can be fully charged after the continuous operation time:
the normal operation of the function: about 6 Month
saving time: about 28 months
. Size: 52.9 X 50.4 X 15.6 mm
. Weight: 75 g